How to Advertise a New Restaurant

How to Advertise a New Restaurant

Restaurant advertising can take many varieties. Newspaper ads, radio spots, commercials on TV, and coupons are all methods to promote a restaurant’s opening. You can engage an agency for PR to assist you in getting your message to the public or do yourself. Advertising isn’t a one-size-fits all thing. advertising plans differ from year the year, from season to season. If you’re in the middle of a bustling summer time and less work during the winter months you’ll need two completely different advertising plans.

Here’s How

  1. Know your audience. Who do you want your restaurant to appeal to? Families? Career professionals? Are you looking for a simple, quick meal or a relaxing dinner. You must be aware of the customers is, as stated in your restaurant’s marketing plan.
  2. Begin to Use social Media. While radio and print spots can still be effective to promote restaurants, majority effort should be centered on the internet. In the event that your restaurant does not have an online presence think about purchasing one. If a brand new website isn’t within your budget currently, you can set up an facebook page to promote your establishment. You can share your contact details and even your menu on Facebook for free.
  3. Plan a strategy to get your restaurant’s customers. The strategy you choose will be based on your budget. Commercials on TV are more expensive than radio advertisements, which are more costly than newspaper advertisements. Consider your customers and the areas where they are likely to view your ads. If you run a restaurant or sports bar or restaurant, then sponsoring local teams of softball or an sporting event makes sense. If you are looking to draw families in by offering coupons for a free meals for children in the Sunday newspaper could be a great idea.
  4. Be clear about your message clearly. What differentiates you from your competitors? Do you offer the special menu specifically for children or a sports-themed evening buffet? Do you have the cheapest burgers in town? You must reach your audience’s expectations by leaving them with a lasting impression they’ll be able to be able to remember. Moms with busy schedules are unlikely to be interested in large-screen TVs and four ball games on at the same time. However, they will get excited at the sound of a kids’ meals-free commercial on Tuesdays. For singles who are looking to go out for a night aren’t likely to go to a restaurant that provides free coloring books or crayons in conjunction with children’s meals.

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