Restaurants: Why Do They Need a Website?

Restaurants: Why Do They Need a Website?

Running a restaurant is a massive undertaking with an endless to-do list. The concept of adding another task is certainly unappealing to most operators, but there is one that is critical: a website. “75 percent of consumers questioned often chose a restaurant to dine at based on search results,” according to a Constant Contact/Single Platform survey.

You’re missing out on a huge audience if your restaurant doesn’t have a website. For restaurants, online exposure is critical, and it can ultimately determine whether or not customers visit your establishment. If you’re still not convinced, here are seven reasons why restaurants should have a website.

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Brand Image

Your website could provide the initial impression that a prospective customer gets of your restaurant. Create a positive impression. Websites give you control over the image and image of your restaurant. It gives restaurants the space to tell their story, using the words of their employees (unlike websites that are owned by third parties). Customers will get an picture of who you’re, and also get an impression of the general atmosphere of your restaurant. Customers are looking to know what they can expect when they visit your restaurant , so be sure to provide quality photos (you’ll require an experienced photographer) of the menu items as well as the restaurant. This is also a good chance to demonstrate that your team are valued by including photos and bios of the management team and the lead chef(s) as well as other key personnel.

Enhances Search Rankings

A website may help improve your search engine ranking, however only if you’re using SEO on your website.


The inclusion of a Booking widget for your site is a quick and simple method for guests to book reservations. This allows hosts to be more attentive to their in-house guests and clients to book reservations at any time of the day. This also allows you to manage reservations and stop booking too much.

Improves Trust and Loyalty

When customers go to your establishment, they’ll are interested in knowing what others’ opinions were about it. Don’t let websites from third parties be their sole source of information regarding your restaurant. BrightLocal reported the fact that 84% patrons consider online reviews to be as reliable as personal suggestions. Websites are the best location to establish confidence in your business by providing reviews. It is possible to include the Google Business review page directly to your site. Your reviews will appear more authentic rather than copying and pasted testimonials.


Advertising can be very expensive. Even though billboards, commercials and radio advertisements are the most popular methods of advertising to restaurants, these are costly and only last for a short time. The website you have created is more affordable and long-lasting form of advertisement.

Keep guests informed

Your guests will look at your social media profiles and your website to remain informed about your establishment. Websites are the ideal way to keep guests informed about current menu options, discounts and addresses opening hours and events, hours of operation during the season and more. Be sure to ensure that you constantly verify that the information you provide on your site is correct. There is nothing more frustrating for a client than receiving inaccurate information.

Promote Other Services

Do you have a restaurant that caters or private events? The guests won’t be aware about it until you post the information on your site. Be sure to keep your site up-to-date with the latest offerings that your restaurant has to offer.

A website is a great method to build your brand and keep your customers in aware of your restaurant. However, that’s not the only method to spread the word.

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