Ten cool Pinterest Restaurant Ideas for Restaurants

Ten cool Pinterest Restaurant Ideas for Restaurants

Pinterest is a fun method to advertise your restaurant. Utilize the platform to design a series of bulletin boards online to advertise different areas in your business, from the menu to nightlife to the catering service you offer. It is also possible to make use of Pinterest boards to boost the reputation of your restaurant by displaying media buzz and awards on the news. Are you involved in fundraising events for your community? Create a poster to showcase it. Then, utilize Pinterest to discover something new that you can try in your restaurant, such as recipes, tablescapesand cocktails.

1. Restaurant Tablescape Ideas

Events and parties are extremely popular on Pinterest and any potential bride will inform you. Don’t settle for the traditional white linen tablecloth, and napkin folded into the shape of a fan. Event planners today, whether weddings, business or any other need a WOW factor with their catering company. Explore the various tablescapes ideas that can be used to inspire you for rehearsal dinners, weddings and other catering events.

2. Holiday Boards

Make sure you are in the festive mood and bring visitors to your site simultaneously. Combine images of holiday occasions with recipes, drinks craft projects, and photos. Starbucks is a great example of integrating seasonal events into their offerings. For instance they have a Christmas Board, there are pictures of their coffee, along with ideas for Christmas breakfast including snowman crafts and festive table centerpieces.

3. Copycat Recipes and more

Food is everywhere on Pinterest. You can pin recipes that you think are good for your restaurant. You might be amazed by the options available. Tell your customers what you’re thinking of trying for dinner tonight. The most popular among chains like California Pizza Kitchen are boards that are dedicated to recipes copied from different blogs. Ask your customers to submit their own recipes on the boards in the spirit of your restaurant. Since imitation is the most sincere way to flatter yourself.

4. Photos From Customers

Invite your customers to pin photos of their dining experience. If customers upload pictures of themselves in their restaurant, post them on Facebook then pin the photos on Pinterest and reverse the process. However, first make sure you have your customer’s permission.

5. Going Green

Boards dedicated to environmental issues, as in addition to sustainable and local food are common on official restaurants’ Pinterest boards. Alongside recipes using local produce You can also share tips for the best way to store fresh herbs on Ice cube tray.

6. Create an Menu

Customers who are already enjoying dining at your restaurant might have ideas for what they’d like be able to see on your menu. Perhaps a chalkboard which customers can write suggestions for recipes to. Tell them via your Facebook and Twitter feed when you’re going to experiment with one of their menu concepts.

7. Drinks You Love

Present your bar’s menu with photos of the special cocktails made by your house, as well as the many kinds of wines and beers that you’re carrying.

8. Fun Things to Do Around Town

What else is there to do in your city or town apart from dining at the restaurant? Find photos of local landmarks like Gloria’s restaurant, which has several locations across Texas is home to an entire board committed to its location on the Gulf Coast of Texas. Mooo Restaurant in Boston has an area that highlights local landmarks and is called “Around the Town.”

9. Humor

Everyone enjoys a laugh , and by using Pinterest you can display your restaurant’s funny side. Make a Pinterest board that is filled with hilarious images, ecards or any other memes. Find images that have a connection to food.

10. Awards Boards

Are you in the media? Make your Pinterest board for anything newsworthy including press announcements, community news, awards, and other things that will make your restaurant look (and feel) nice.

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